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Our Services

Receiving Money:

Our service allows you to send and receive funds to and
from your business partners quickly, easily and without delays.

Intra-European payments via SEPA:

VIP payments enables you to make transfers in Euros across the SEPA region.
So you can avoid additional fees or delays when making transfers within Europe.

Cross-border transfers via SWIFT:

We offer outgoing cross-border transfers via SWIFT.
Enabling you to move money globally.

Multi-currencies & FX between CHF, GBP, EUR, and many more:

VIP payments’ services include Foreign eXchange, enabling you and your business to make international transfers in over 35 different currencies worldwide. This service is particularly useful if; you routinely need to make money transfers in currencies, other than your local currency. With our competitive rates and faster transaction times, you can streamline your remittance process and focus on what matters to your business.

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VIP payments strives to deliver a user friendly experience, effortless navigation and seamless integration.
A fully secure system that safeguards all your important information.
We made sure that our solutions are customizable and each of
our customers gets access to a completely personal experience.

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